"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." -Socrates

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can Humans Create Energy?

Energy. Energy has been the driving force of existence for eternity. Whether in the form of food, water, or oil, energy is required to fuel something or someone. There have always been wars and conflict over energy and energy sources, because energy is not something that can be created. It is limited, with only so much to go around. Going back to the laws of Thermodynamics, what goes in must come out, and what goes out must come in. Scientists have studied this and continue searching for zero point energy. But as they say, nothing in the world is free. And I agree, nothing in this world is free.

There are some people who believe that what you see is all you get, only believing in the physical realm. But many people with different religions, ethnicities, and societal influences believe there is something more. Many people believe in something called a soul. This soul, spirit, consciousness, or whatever else you want to call it cannot be explained, but we know it's there. Is it possible that the "soul" is from another realm? Is it possible that the something or someone deeper we feel is from a different world or level of existence? If so, does that "other world" need to adhere to the same rules we do in our physical world?

We all want and need energy, and according to what we know, energy isn't free and we can't get it for nothing. There's always been conflict over food, water, oil, and other forms of physical energy, but we also fight wars for, what I'll call, "spiritual energy". If someone verbally tears you down and you feel bad, in turn, they feel good. Or do they? Based on what we know, the energy given off by those being put down has to go somewhere. This is why there are bullies and people being bullied. There's always been people to bring you down, but there are also people who lift you up.

For the bully, they feed off of the energy put off by their prey, but if "spiritual energy" doesn't necessarily need to follow physical rules and laws, is there another way? Can energy be lost in the other world? More importantly, can we create energy out of thin air through compassion and helping others? Perhaps if energy was unlimited, there would never again be war, famine, or reason to mistreat others.

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