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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A World Without Money

Is it possible? What would it look like? Would a world without money be Communist? These are my thoughts.

We've all heard the saying, "money makes the world go 'round", and in today's modern world, that statement is pretty accurate. But this is not the case everywhere. I was just watching The Travel Channel last week that showed an African tribe living off the land by cooking Ostrich eggs in the sand, eating the anuses of pigs, and gathering berries from shrubs. It was by far the most primitive I could imagine any human being living, and it's happening right now. While hard for me to grasp, it's true. This tribe does not use money.

Primitive living was once commonplace, and tribes, groups, and families all rallied behind the idea of survival. As time was made available aside from hunting and gathering, some members started working to make life more enjoyable. Some began making better clothing and foot protection for warmth and comfort, some made musical instruments for entertainment, while others began using different ingredients and techniques for making their food taste better. And everyone shared. People played music while everyone ate around the fire with better tasting food and more comfortable clothing; and everyone benefited.

In the world in which we've been raised, to go back to this "sharing" would undoubtedly be labeled Communism. So, how does this work for the tribe in Africa and groups throughout history? It works because it is and was a matter of survival.

For many years, through groups like the United Nations and European Union, our world has been uniting to form a sort of world government . This scares many people who also say we are heading to a world currency. But while a piece of paper with a picture of a face or symbol printed by a banking institution and accepted worldwide may occur, a world currency will occur and is inevitable.

We live on a finite planet with finite resources. Currently, oil would be considered a world currency. But oil is somewhat of a newer thing relative to the history of our planet, and oil will go away. People survived without oil then; could we today? I don't' know, but either way, the world would look much different. However, one thing will never change; the need for food and water.

Every day I look over the ocean and see this,

the island of Kaho'olawe, and everyday it reminds me of how destructive we can be to our planet. Not long ago, this island was used as target practice for military bombing. It's believed this has broken the water table. What was once another inhabitable island is now merely a big rock.

There will be a world currency, and it will be food and water. The question is, when we as Humanity, (Muslims and Christians, Westerners and those in the Middle East, Capitalists and Socialists, labels A and labels B) are dependent on cooperation, will we be able to return to how we once lived by rallying around survival, or will it be too late? I hope for the former, and if we do survive I am certain of one thing- students, teachers, and historians will look back on this generation with astonishment and bewilderment of how people once lived so reckless.

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