"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." -Socrates

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Second Life Lesson I Learned While Hiking

During a four-mile hike near Hana, Maui, hiking differently than I had in the past, I learned some life lessons. This is what I learned.

The Walking Stick

Early on the trail, I noticed two walking sticks leaning against a sign. I debated on whether or not to pick one up, but figured I could always leave it behind if proving to be useless. With my one free hand, I grabbed the stick and continued on my way. For a short period of time I was walking on level ground and quickly reconsidered my choice of carrying the stick. On level ground, the stick wasn’t beneficial, but as the trail began ascending, I quickly changed my tone. Without being solely reliant on my own two feet, the added support was a tremendous help. Throughout the trail, during changes in elevation, the walking stick was a plus, but on level ground, the stick was more work than benefit.

I believe this concept applies to life regarding those who support us. Relationships with friends, mentors, family members, and teachers take work. But when trying to reach a goal, or times of hardship, their support can be very beneficial. So while it’s certainly easier to let relationships fade by not investing the time and effort it takes to maintain them, during times of change, the support of those people can be invaluable.

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