"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." -Socrates

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Third Life Lesson I Learned While Hiking

During a four-mile hike near Hana, Maui, hiking differently than I had in the past, I learned some life lessons. This is what I learned.

Stairs Leave You with More Time and Energy

Having taken this hike before, I noticed a difference in the trail. It had been “upgraded”, and where there used to be tree roots were more “convenient” stairs made of rock. When I first saw the alteration I became upset. I thought, “Why do people always feel like they need to improve something that’s perfectly fine- especially something in nature.” But as I continued hiking, I had to admit that the addition did make the hike more convenient. Before, you needed to take your time climbing over tree roots, but with the stairs you were able to hike faster and with less effort. So while the stairs were not a mandatory addition and did affect the natural environment, it provided the hiker with more time and energy to spend on other things.

Man has made many innovations and versatile solutions for modern day living. While these conveniences were never necessary for survival, they have in turn given us more time and energy to do other things- if we so chose. So regardless of how one may feel about advancements in technology, these machines, computers, and appliances have provided us with more time and effort. I believe this has, does, and will produce one of two outcomes for individuals, as well as groups of people.

1) We realize that there is very little effort we need to put forth in order to survive and be entertained, so we become lazy and complacent, never to pursue our fullest potential.

2) We understand the great responsibility and opportunity to spend the extra time and effort that’s been made available to seek out a far better future than ever before imaginable in the history of man.

Time will tell what all of humanity will collectively choose. I hope for the latter.


  1. I'm hoping for the latter as well. This is a very interesting observation. I would have seen this "upgrade" and quickly discredited it, as you did. But it's interesting that you saw through this and presented another idea. These advancements do have positives, if we choose to take advantage of the increased time and energy. Nice post.