"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." -Socrates

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Would You Tell Them?

Suppose a friend or family member of yours was being cheated by someone they believed they could trust: Cheated in the sense of being lied to, stolen from, poisoned, or anything else. If you saw this person you cared for being cheated and they did not know, would you tell them? One’s first inclination would be to say, “Of course! I’m not going to stand by watching one of my friends or family members being treated unfairly.” But let’s look more into this.

As with nearly everything in life, there are pros and cons; and this is no exception. On the one hand, if you tell this person they are being cheated, they could not believe you. If you did convince them that someone they trusted was in fact being dishonest and hurting them without their knowledge, it could be devastating. Changing the perception of the one being dishonest could change the way they looked at everything related to the person they believed they could trust. If they were to die never having discovered they were being cheated, wouldn’t it be better to not tell them at all?

But, by convincing this person they in fact are being deceived, poisoned, stolen from, etc., you could create a better future for this person. If someone was taking a portion of their money time after time, the person could theoretically stop it from happening and have more money if you were to tell them. If they were being fed something that would make them sick, they could become healthier. And the list of examples goes on.

In a world of great mystery, to know the Truth of all things is impossible. However, to find some Truths that could lead to a better quality of life is quite possible. The challenge with discovering anything new is by first admitting that whatever you think you know could in fact be false. In going back to the initial question of, would you tell someone they were being cheated, how utterly impossible it would be to convince that person if they could not first let go of their former belief.

“It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything.”- Tyler Durden

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